Biologists in Colorado Use Aerial Survey to Collect Data on Prairie Dog Population

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When Aerial Surveys Are Useful

Biologists in Colorado are showing how effective aerial surveys can be by using them to get a view of the state’s prairie dog population from above. From September 14th to October 1st 2016, they will use low-flying aircraft to get a clearer picture of the numbers so that the animals can be managed effectively.

Tina Jackson, Colorado Parks and Wildlife Species Conservation Co-ordinator, said, “These surveys will primarily be north and east of the Denver metro area and south of Lamar.”

The agency has warned hunters and residents in the area to expect low-flying aircraft as they aim to collect as much data as they can. They are hoping that by conducting the aerial survey, they can monitor the number of prairie dogs and improve estimates.

It is also anticipated that the aerial survey will provide not only for the opportunity for the effective management of the prairie dogs but also the other species that depend on them, including the black-footed ferret and the burrowing owl.

Controlled Data Gathering

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