Land, Sea & Aerial Drone Surveys Contractor providing visual inspection services across Scotland & North England.

From aerial drone surveys to ROV underwater inspection conducted in fresh water/salt water environments and even visual inspection work conducted in the darkest and most difficult to access confined spaces. We are Balmore, an award winning drone survey provider offering drone inspection services across a truly comprehensive number of business sectors. We provide a superior visual inspection service that is safer, quicker and cheaper than traditional methods.

Our Core Inspection Services

We are fully accredited by ARPAS-UK, and our drone inspection pilots all have their commercial PFAW pilots licence, fully approved by the CAA. This allows us to conduct our drone surveys both in the air and underwater and always to the highest of standards.

drone inspections for land, sea & aerial surveys

Why visual inspection services are so important?

The visual inspection of building structures, power lines, road and rail networks, bridges and communication towers (to name a few) is critical for safety, insurance and operational purposes. Visual inspections ensure that these assets, infrastructure, transportation links and energy generating systems are operating properly and safely.

Periodic visual inspection of these vital business assets can spot developing issues early. This can allow businesses to schedule repairs and maintenance into other operational considerations so that work is carried out at preferred times to minimise disruption. This also has considerable cost saving benefits both to the cost of repairs and the financial losses of having operational downtime.

For example, a maintenance weld repair on a storm damaged power line support is considerably cheaper than having to build a completely new power line support. Scheduled visual inspections of business assets that are conducted by drone survey are the best solution to provide this.

aerial drone survyes, underwater ROV surveys and more

As part of The Balmore Group, we are an industry leader in not just unmanned survey and inspections but also in providing life asset maintenance services from initial inspection, repair and specialist cleaning of high-value assets. Operating in various sectors including Energy, Utilities, Infrastructure and Commercial Business on land, sea and in the air.

At Balmore, we offer the expertise of four decades in difficult access works, roofingrope accessindustrial cleaning and drone inspection services.