Aerial Indoor Drone Surveys that can reach the unreachable in confined indoor spaces.

We are Balmore Inspection Services and we are a leading commercial drone provider for indoor and inaccessible drone inspection services across Scotland & North England.  As an award winning UAV confined spaces expert, we have become well known for our drone surveys that includes video and photography surveys for industrial and commercial businesses.

To provide our indoor confined spaces drone services, we use a specialised Elios Inspection & Exploration Aerial Indoor Drone that has been specifically designed for indoor and confined spaces.

This is the first collision tolerant aerial drone and is a proud member of our drone fleet for use across Scotland.  Designed for inspections and exploration of the most inaccessible and confined spaces including air ducts, sewers and other locations that are either too dangerous to access for workers or simply too small.

With a protective frame surrounding the indoor drone, we have a collision tolerant drone that can bump into objects without the risk of the drone crashing.  The Elios drone can bounce and roll on its way.

The Elios Aerial Indoor Drone comes complete with a full HD Camera, a thermal camera and on-board LED lighting system with adjustable intensity so that when we have reached the inaccessible locations with our aerial drone, we can take high definition video, photos and survey shots regardless of the lighting conditions.

This truly is ground breaking technology and part of our never ending commitment to push the envelope when it comes to new technology.  Offering our customers the very best in drone services and solutions.

You can view a video of our amazing Elios Inspection Aerial Drone in action below.

indoor inspection services

Features of our indoor drone

Integrated Payload
On Board Lighting
Continuous Operation
Live 2.4 GHZ Video Feeback
Protective Frame
Post Mission Review

If you would like to find out more about our indoor and confined spaces inspection services, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037