Since our foundation, we have established ourselves as one of the leading drone survey contractors in the UK.

Our key success – delivering a professional, consistent and superior drone survey service compared to our competitors.

Our strengths lie in three things. The drone equipment that we can deploy, the different sectors that we can cover and the drone pilots that we use to conduct our drone surveys. For example, in the Energy Sector, we can provide aerial drone inspections on offshore wind turbines AND underwater power line inspection for those very same wind farm turbines. Using experienced, qualified and certified drone pilots.

Drone Survey Sectors:

With our fleet of commercial aerial drone survey vehicles, we can perform aerial inspection services on both land and sea for our customers. And with thermal imaging and 4K HD camera and video capturing technology, we can capture crystal clear data that can then be transmitted back to our Award Winning Software for further analysis.

It allows our inspection services to be conducted quickly, with minimal downtime for our customers and with fast paced results that can provide significant time and cost savings over conventional methods.

How can aerial drone surveys be so beneficial?

Traditional inspection methods for anything from wind farm turbines to oil rig platforms and railway bridges would require a team of inspection personnel. Usually this team would be comprised of specialist inspection officers who were trained in working ‘at height’. If the inspection was being conducted at sea then a Safety Support Boat may be required. If the inspection required up close examination, this would require scaffolding or Rope Access which itself would be a significant extra cost along with the highly likely production shut down while the inspection was being carried out. A railway bridge inspection for example may require trains to be delayed or suspended while an inspection was being carried out.

So how can aerial drone surveys be so much more beneficial? Well with modern commercial drone inspection services, we can send one of our UAV drone equipped with Video, Photography and Thermal Imaging Cameras to an inspection point in mere minutes. Our drones can capture a vantage point from multiple angles and distances with both video and photography and can cover an entire inspection site in a fraction of the time that it would take a conventional team to perform.

All the photo and thermal imaging data can then be fed into our Award Winning software which can produce a detailed report breakdown far faster than conventional inspection reporting. And all this data can be archived easily for future inspection comparison – in fact, our drones can trace a previous GPS saved flight path so that we can take like for like photo and video footage for the most accurate comparison you can hope for.

oil platform drone inspection
One of our drones about to begin an inspection of an oil rig structure.

So how can this save us money over current inspection methods?

Simple – a traditional inspection requires a team of trained specialists, access equipment, safety equipment and potentially site shut down while an inspection is taking place. With an aerial drone inspection – our qualified and insured drone pilot can conduct a survey and pass on the results to multiple specialists for further analysis. Most of our aerial inspection services only require a two man team consisting of a drone pilot and spotter. There is no safety equipment, no access equipment and our drones can fly in the exact same weather conditions that conventional inspection teams would operate in.

So with faster inspection timelines at a fraction of the current operating costs and superior data inspection results – aerial drone inspection and survey services can save your business time, it can offer real cost savings and a superior inspection service.

It is little wonder why so many businesses in the Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Utilities and Infrastructure Sectors are switching to Balmore and aerial survey services provided by modern commercial drones.

If you would like to know more about our aerial drone services across Scotland, please contact our Head Office in Glasgow by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing

infrastructure 3D modelling
A 3D Modelling Survey conducted for an Infrastructure Client

A video explanation of the benefits that Balmore can offer your business.

At Balmore Aerial Services, we are part of the larger Balmore Group. With business services in everything from inspection, cleaning and repairing, we truly offer a one stop shop for your business. This short video can help explain the key benefits of using Balmore to improve your business maintenance and offer real cost savings over current inspection, maintenance and repairs.

Balmore Aerial Building Inspection