A better underwater inspection service for improved safety.

In the oil and gas sector, underwater pipeline need to be monitored and inspected on a regular basis. And with pipeline made prior to the very early 1970s now classified as aged/old, the regular inspection of these types of pipeline are more important than ever before.

External corrosion of underwater pipeline can be common (especially on pre 1970’s pipeline which lacks the same level of protective coating as more modern pipeline) and with a real risk of pipeline leaks, if left unchecked, can potentially cause significant offshore disaster situations.

This is why the constant and regular inspection of oil and gas pipelines is so important. Using ROV underwater drones to inspect pipe condition can offer an early warning advantage which could save considerably on future repair and maintenance costs, not to mention the environmental impact.

underwater pipeline inspection
Our ROV Drone can provide underwater pipeline inspection services

At Balmore, we have become a leading service provider in underwater ROV drone inspection and survey services. Our versatile underwater Falcon ROV is a lightweight underwater inspection drone that is capable of reaching a depth of 300m (1,250ft). With its adaptable lightweight chassis design, we can fit multiple inspection and survey tools and equipment to the underside of the drone with a payload maximum of up to 14Kgs.

Equipped with powerful LED lighting technology, our underwater ROV can clearly illuminate even the darkest of underwater locations to fully survey pipeline conditions. The video and photo footage taken from our inspection program can then be reviewed and archived against previous data for a more complete inspection.

And because our underwater drone can be piloted from above water, we do not need to put human life at risk during underwater inspection work.

Inspection by Sea & by Air

At Balmore Drone Services we have always prided ourselves on offering a specalised difficult access service. This runs through not just Balmore Drone Services, but all the companies under the umbrella Balmore Group. From rope access teams providing building maintenance services on difficult to access structures, to confined spaces inspection for the likes of Silo cleaning. And of course, the difficult access inspection services provided by Balmore Drone Services. From our underwater drone inspection services with our Falcon ROV to our aerial drone inspection services, we are perfectly place to conduct aerial inspection for oil & gas platforms and vessels as part of an overlapping inspection project that can cover air and sea.

Our RIB which can take our ROV underwater drone up to 20 miles from a safe haven

To find out more about our underwater pipeline inspection services using ROV drones, please contact our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4037.