Award winning drone inspection services for businesses in the Utility Sector.

We provide drone surveys across Scotland and the North of England. From motorway bridges to railway powerlines. Our inspection services provide a fast and detailed alternative to conventional inspection methods.

From our head office in Glasgow, we have become one of the leading inspection firms for the infrastructure industry. Armed with our fleet of advanced commercial grade aerial drones, we are able to provide comprehensive inspections, reports, video and photography services for businesses in the infrastructure sector across the UK.  From aerial drone inspections of building structures to railway lines, bridges, viaducts and more.  The potential is near endless.

infrastrucutre aerial drone services

With the constant advances in UAV aerial drone technology, we are constantly able to push the boundaries of what is possible using drones in the infrastructure sector.

Infrastructure Drone Survey Services:

Structural Inspections >>>

Railway Inspections >>>

Thermal Surveys >>>

Viaducts and Bridges >>>

Geospatial >>>

Coastal Wall Inspection >>>

All our aerial drone pilots are fully qualified and regularly receive revised training and updated qualifications to ensure that all the drone flight work we do for inspections and surveys in the infrastructure sector are to the highest possible standards.

To find out more about our aerial drones and the potential services and benefits that they can bring to your business, please call our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037