Award Winning Aerial Drone Services for inspection and surveys of Wind Farms and Wind Turbines across Scotland and the North of England.

The wind energy sector is a huge part of the future of renewable energy in the UK.  And to ensure that wind turbines are running reliably, consistent and frequent maintenance and inspection is required. This requirement to keep wind turbines running at 100% maximum efficiency is of vital importance and has until recently been a costly exercise.

The traditional method of close up inspection of wind turbine blades (for example) would usually require the turbine to be taken off line for a period of time while experienced high rope access specialists would advance to key points of interest in order to study, inspect and survey each turbine rotor blade.  This entire process would take significant time and cost while putting employees in harms way by working at height.

With the use of commercial grade aerial drones, wind turbine inspection can now be done in a fraction of the time and with significant cost savings. With a fleet of advanced aerial drones that feature some of the most advanced 4K high definition video camera technology, we are able to provide a comprehensive inspection and survey service for businesses in the wind energy sector.  Our advanced aerial drones can inspect multiple turbines in one flight and can cover an entire wind farm plot in one day (something that can take numerous days with conventional methods.)

wind turbine inspection

With our UAV drones, we can capture 4K high definition video and imaging for each wind turbine inspection from angles and distances that are quite literally impossible for current survey methods.  Our inspections can put put together in digital reports and stored for future comparisons and easy referencing.  Another example of the supreme benefits of using aerial drones for inspecting wind turbines across the UK.

aerial surveys using drone