Underwater Drone Services are changing the industry in much the same way that aerial drone services have in the last decade.

With real cost savings, faster inspection times and no need to put human life at risk, underwater ROV inspections are quickly becoming the preferred choice of industrial and commercial businesses in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Infrastructure sectors.

We have been pushing the boundaries of drone inspection services in Scotland since our foundation and as part of our mandate to constantly reinvest in our services and our equipment, we can now provide our customers with a class leading inspection & survey service on Land, Sea & Air.

With our underwater drone inspection services, we have positioned ourselves as one of the leading difficult access inspection providers in Scotland and the North of England.

With out Falcon ROV System, we can provide underwater survey services for:

Customising our inspection service to exceed your needs

Using the latest in underwater inspection drones, our Falcon ROV is designed with an open frame construction which allows us to fit numerous standard accessories for a more complete underwater inspection service.

From larger tools to sensor and inspection packages, they can all be fitted using a skid fitting under the underwater drone.

underwater drone inspection for oil and gas
Our Falcon ROV Underwater Inspection Drone

How deep can the underwater drone go?

With a depth rating of 300m (1,250ft) and able to carry up to 14Kgs of payload, our Falcon 12119 ROV System is at the forefront of underwater drone inspection technology and allows us to conduct deep water inspection work.

The Falcon ROV is one of the most flexible ROV’s designed for the commercial inspection market and has been created to complete complex subsea survey operations. Thanks to its lightweight chassis frame design and versatile layout, the Falcon ROV can be used for difficult access inspection for offshore, inshore and confined spaces inspection (such as underwater tunnel inspection).

inspection drone underwater
Our RIB which can transport our Falcon ROV drone to designated inspection locations

Our Offshore Access Vehicle

Whilst being able to provide such a level of ROV underwater inspection and survey, there is still the matter of getting to the inspection point. Whilst other ROV inspection teams rent boat access as and when they need it, at Balmore, our investment in our own services once again shines ahead of our competitors. We have our very own Access Craft. We are commercially endorsed for operating Power Driven Vessels up to 24 metres with up to 12 passengers and crew.

Our Boat Service can be used in up to Category 3 waters with a maximum 20 miles from Safe Haven zone that includes night time use AND without the ‘Fair Weather’ restriction.


• Model: Protector 8.5M Cabin RIB
• Vessel Name: Balmore 16
• Twin Yamaha F150 150HP 4-stroke outboards
• Cruising Speed: 25 knots
• Maximum Speed: 35 knots
• Stainless steel fuel tank – 500 litre capacity
• Two 6’6” single berths in cabin
• Sea Toilet
• RCD Certified – Design Category B
• SSR Registered


• LOA: 8.75M
• Beam: 2.88M
• Draft: 0.75M
• Hull Deadrise: 23°

If you would like to know more about Balmore Drone Services and our underwater inspection services, please contact our Glasgow Head Office on 0141 370 4037.