Drone Survey & Inspection Services for the railway industry.

Award Winning Aerial Surveys of railway lines, overhead electrical infrastructure and railway station platforms, roofing and building structures across Scotland and the North of England.

Fast, reliable and powerful drone surveys using commercial grade aerial drones can provide internal and external inspections of railway stations, rail tracks and overhead electrical lines that run along railway lines.

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What drone surveys are replacing conventional inspection methods in the rail industry

Aerial drones are fast becoming the popular choice when it comes to the important inspection and surveying of railway sites across the UK. Their popularity is down to not just one of two core advantages but multiple advantages over the existing methods of inspection that are slow, costly and unreliable.

With the latest in commercial drones, we can offer a quicker turn around time, a more thorough aerial inspection, and can back it all up with HD video, photography and thermal imaging data taken from vantage points that are simply not possible from conventional methods.

And it all comes with significant cost savings over the slower and less precise methods of conventional inspections.

Drones offer improved safety

The use of drone survey inspection can significantly reduce the need for employees to work at height, in confined spaces and at access points that are difficult to access without specialist equipment or supporting safety teams.

Where can drone surveys be beneficial in the rail industry?

Similar to pipeline inspections that we conduct for our Oil & Gas sector clients, aerial inspections for the rail industry can cover so much more. Our railway line inspection can be conducted along large sections of rail track across the country which so often spans mile upon mile of difficult to access locations that service vehicles would normally struggle to access. Our drones, in comparison, can carry out inspections with ease, performing analyses of railway tracks, bedding, power lines and the supporting cable/electrical supply and signaling systems. With advanced image capturing and thermal imaging, we can conduct detailed surveys with the data then being processed by our powerful cloud based software.

train platform roof inspection

What about Railway Train Stations and Platforms?

Railway station platform roofing and covering areas can easily be inspected with our drones; providing high resolution images and video to highlight any areas that may need work. This can prove to be invaluable to spot issues early and to schedule in repairs and maintenance in advance at times when platform usage is slow – minimizing disturbance to day to day operations.

By using Balmore Inspection Services, we can provide drone surveys for internal and external spaces in a fraction of the time of traditional access methods whilst offering a real cost saving over traditional methods.

What about the pilots who fly these drones?

Our drone pilots are fully qualified and certified for drone flight in open areas AND built up areas. With significant experience in flying drone survey operations in areas with powerlines and other infrastructure related equipment, we can proudly boast to have real world experience that can enhance our quality of service. And this experience can prove to be invaluable to railway line inspections, especially on electrified train lines.

How can you find out more about Railway line drone surveys?

Based on the outskirts of Glasgow, our head office can be contacted by calling 0141 370 4037. You can speak directly to our drone team to discuss your specific requirements.

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