Award Winning Drone Surveys across Scotland & North England

In a fast moving world where safety, cost analysis and quality or service are all part of a delicate balancing act for businesses looking for fast, reliable and cost effective inspection and survey services, aerial drone surveys are changing the very way that visual inspection services are conducted by companies in the Energy Sectors, Infrastructure, Utilities and Transportation.

Drone Survey Services

At Balmore, we are an award winning drone survey provider based in Glasgow and providing drone survey services across Scotland and the North of England. With a fleet of drones specifically equipped to handle the many different inspection needs of our clients, we offer a superior inspection service that is faster than conventional methods, more detailed, safer and comes with REAL costs savings.

Glasgow drone survey of building
A drone survey being conducted on a high rise building in Glasgow

What sectors we cover

Our four main sectors that we provide drone surveys for include the energy sector comprised of oil & gas, wind energy and hydro electric dams. In the Infrastructure sector our drone surveys can be used for everything from building structural inspection to roofing, viaducts, bridges and even 3D modelling and topographical surveys. In the utilities sector, our drone surveys are helping to maintain and inspect powerlines, electrical towers, cooling towers and so much more to help Scotland’s homes stay connected. And in the transportation sector, everything from motorway bridges to railway lines and ventilation shafts in tunnels are all areas that we can provide aerial inspections on with minimal to no shut down of roads or rail links.

radio transmission tower drone survey in Scotland
Radio mast Drone Surveys on an island in Scotland

What is a drone survey

Drone surveys are a faster, safer, more detailed and safer way of conducting close up inspection which would normally be conducted by a team of specialists using rope access, scaffolding or similar ‘at height’ methods to reach a required inspection point.

Aerial Drones are unmanned quad blade aerial vehicle that we can fit with video, photoagraphy and thermal imaging cameras. They allow us to conduct up close visual inspections of structures, areas and objects, capturing visual data that is collected and processed using powerful cloud based software to produce detailed inspection reports.

what is a drone survey
A drone survey equipped with 4K video equipment

Drone surveys can be conducted in the exact same weather conditions that a normal inspection team would be able to work in and can cover a huge area in a short space of time. At Balmore, we operate a fleet of drones that are specialised for different applications. So for example, we have a ‘confined spaces drone’ equipped with a protective cage that allows it to access high risk confined spaces that are too small for a human to access. The protective cage allows to the drone to operate in tight locations. We have a drone that uses vision sensor technology so that under an oil platform, it does not have to rely on GPS signals that can prove unreliable with so much metal structures surrounding it.

The advantages of using aerial drone surveys

The advantages of using drone surveys for your inspection needs covers everything from the quality of an inspection to the safety it brings and the cost savings it can allow your business.

Building scaffolding to allow an inspection crew to perform a visual inspection is an expensive and time consuming process. It can result of normal operations being disrupted or even put on hold and puts human life at risk while working at height.

Using aerial drone surveys instead of human inspection crews will:

  • Reduce risk to life
  • Offer significant cost savings
  • Reduce operational downtime and disruption
  • Produce more accurate and detailed inspection reports
confined spaces drone survey
Confined Spaces Drones can access locations that are simply too dangerous for humans

An aerial drone can take thousands of images from multiple vantage points and distances that would simply be impossible with conventional methods. These images can be GPS tagged and future inspections can follow the exact same flight path and take overlapping photos from the exact same GPS co-ordinates which all you to have direct comparison inspection footage so that you can monitor more closely any developing issues. This is an invaluable service that hase saved wind farms hundreds of thousands of pounds in maintenance costs as our drone surveys can easily spot and monitor issues with wind turbine blades more closely – allowing repairs to be conducted when it best suits the company.

Balmore Aerial Building Inspection

Is a drone survey right for your industry?

If you are currently using a conventional inspection team, scaffolding and other at height systems that require production to be stopped or slowed then drone surveys may be the ideal solution for your business. Call our head office in Glasgow today to discuss your business and your inspection requirements today and we can consult you on the best way forwards for your business.

About Balmore Inspection Services

Balmore Inspection Services is part of The Balmore Group. Your one stop difficult access specialists.

Glasgow drone surveys provider
Our Glasgow Head Office

We are an industry leader in unmanned aviation inspections, providing full though life asset maintenance services from initial inspection, repair and specialist cleaning of high-value assets. Operating in various sectors including construction, rail, offshore and renewables, The Balmore Group offers the expertise of over 40 years in difficult access works, roofing, rope access, industrial cleaning and drone inspection services. At Balmore, we offer groundbreaking cloud-based inspection software technology to allow clients to access asset inspection data anywhere in the world.

Through all our divisions, we constantly reinvest in our team and our equipment to offer our customers the very best in everything we do. From DOFF Super Heated Steam Cleaning Systems in our cleaning division to the tailored confined spaces drones that we can use within Balmore Inspection Services and can be utilised by our sister group Balmore Specialist Contracts for the likes of historic building inspections in difficult to access roofing structures.

Glasgow drone inspections
From difficult access cleaning to drone survey inspections.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about our drone surveys then please contct our Glasgow head office. You can speak directly to our inspection team who will happily discuss how drone surveys work, the significant benefits they produce and answer any and all questions you may have.

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award winning drone surveys scotland
Award Winning Drone Surveys across Scotland & North England