Providing a comprehensive roof survey service using advanced commercial grade aerial drones.

Across Scotland, Balmore Aerial Services provides leading drone roof survey services for commercial and residential needs. With our modern fleet of remotely controlled aerial drones, we can offer our customers full HD 4K video and imaging media services including thermal imaging for building structures and roofs.

drone roof survey scotland

The advantages of using an aerial drone for roof surveys is clear. There is no requirement for scaffolding or the need to hire a cherry picker. A survey of your roof (both commercial and residential) can be done quickly and effortlessly with full documented video and imagery so that we can provide a full and detailed survey report of your roof and its current state. With thermal imaging we can highlight areas of your roof that have become weak and are leaking thermal heat energy. With our surveys we can make your building more thermally efficient, reducing your monthly and yearly energy bills.

With Balmore Aerial Services, we specialise in roof inspections across Scotland and are regularly conducting roof surveys for factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools, educational facilities and sports centres. We cover all of Scotland and the rest of the UK and with our fleet of advanced commercial grade aerial drones, we can provide high quality and fully detailed drone roof survey s for your needs across Scotland.

If you would like to know more about our aerial drones and the roof survey services that we offer, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037.