Award Winning Aerial Drone Surveys for Roofing Inspection across Scotland & North England

With an aerial roof drone survey, we can detect leaks and damage to your properties roof using our commercial grade drone inspection services.

We are Balmore Inspection Services. We are an award winning, Glasgow based drone survey and inspection provider. From our headquarters in Glasgow, we cover all of Scotland and the North of England, providing one of the most comprehensive aerial roof inspection services available. Our roof inspections include everything from video and photography to thermal imaging, 3D modelling and more.

setting up a drone inspection for building structure checks
Setting up to conduct an inspection of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow

Advantages of aerial roof inspections using Drone Surveys

  • Cost Effective
  • Fast Results
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Multiple Angles and Vantage Points
  • Crystal Clear HD Video & Photography
  • Roof inspection data can be supplied and passed on to roofing & building maintenance experts
  • Roof inspection data can be archived and ‘monitored’ for damage, corrosion and other issues with your roofing
  • Aerial roof inspections can cover multiple roofs, angles and heights in one flight
  • Using drone surveys does not put human life at risk working at height
  • Aerial roof inspections can be conducted in built up areas with no need for scaffolding, permits or road closures (for certain roof/building types)
leaking roof drone survey
A drone roof survey can spot leaks that are invisible to the naked eye

What is an aerial roof inspection?

A drone survey of a properties roof structure is exactly as it sounds. We use advanced commercial grade aerial drones equipped with the latest in Photographic and Video Cameras as well as thermal imaging camera technology to survey and inspect residential and commercial properties roofing in incredible detail. This allows us to spot vulnerabilities and points of interest in great detail and with our thermal imaging equipment, in a way that is simply impossible with the human eye.

Drone Roof Inspection can be invaluable for spotting issues early and preventing production interruptions due to issues that have gone unchecked by conventional methods.

What are the advantages of a drone roof inspection?

A standard drone survey roof inspection can be carried out in a fraction of the time compared to conventional inspection methods that would involve a roofing team to access and then inspect the roof step by step. A simple fly over with one of our drones can result in hundreds of photos and scans of a properties roofing. This allows us to analyse a roof structure from multiple angles, distances and vantage points for incredible detail and accuracy.

It all amounts to one thing. Being able to spot issues with a buildings roofing that the naked eye simply can’t see, and from vantage points that are simply not possible any other way.

An aerial inspection of a commercial properties roof using thermal imaging camera.

What can thermal imaging see that the human eye can’t?

Thermal imaging can capture all sorts of unseen and invisible issues on a roof and building structure that the human eye cannot see.

These can include

  • Thermal bridging
  • Heat loss
  • Water ingress
  • Roof leaks
  • Missing insulation
  • Damp
  • Leaking pipes
  • and moreā€¦.

With thermal imaging we can highlight areas of your roof that have become weak and are leaking thermal heat energy.

With our drone roof surveys, we can make your building more thermally efficient, reducing your monthly and yearly energy bills.

Across Scotland and the North of England, Balmore Inspection Services provides leading drone roof survey and inspection services for commercial, industrial and residential clients. With our modern fleet of remotely controlled aerial drones, we can offer our customers full HD / 4K video capturing services including thermal imaging for building structures and roofs.

Find out more about thermal imaging >>>

drone roof survey scotland

What are the benefits of drone roof inspections?

With roof surveys conducted by UAV drones, the benefits are significant. Range from overall cost savings to speed of delivery and enhanced quality of service. Traditional methods of roof inspection required specialist workers conducting inspections ‘at height’. This process was not just unreliable but also put human life at risk. Roofing inspectors were relying on the human eye to spot any issues with the roof. These inspections would be conducted with access gained by costly scaffolding or cherry pickers. By using aerial drones to conduct roof inspections, you immediately see a cost saving because you do not need scaffolding to access the roof. There is the safety benefit of using drones as you do not need an inspection team working ‘at height’ and a drone roof inspection can take hundreds, it not thousands of images of a roof from multiple angles and distances (which a conventional roofing inspector cannot do) to properly inspect and points of interest.

This is the main benefits of using aerial drones for roof surveys; the detailed reporting. Drones can access multiple points of a roof and building structure, capturing detailed images, video and thermal imaging of points of interest. These images can be GPS tagged so that we can archive and compare images with previous images, taken from the exact same points to compare roofing issues over a time span. This range of detailed reporting is something that is simply not possible with conventional methods.

And the final benefit is time saving. A survey of your roof (both commercial and residential) can be carried out quickly and effortlessly as drones can fly in the exact same weather conditions that conventional scaffolding access teams would work in. But we do not need days to set up scaffolding or hours walking up and down flat roofing of industrial warehouse roofing looking for problems.

Our inspection surveys are provided digitally with fully documented video and imagery that can provide a detailed survey report of your roof and its current state. This data can be passed on to specialists, architects, building inspectors, roof repair companies and more.

roof inspection with thermal imaging
One of our drone pilots beginning a detailed roof inspection of a block of Flats in Glasgow.

With Balmore Inspection Services, we provide our award winning drone roof inspections across Scotland and the North of England and are regularly conducting roof surveys for factories, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools, educational facilities and sports centres across the country.

As a multiple Award Winning drone service provider, we can provide high quality and fully detailed drone roof surveys for your needs whilst offering real cost savings over conventional inspection methods at a service level far higher than you will have experienced before.

If you would like to know more about our inspection services and drone roof surveys, please contact our head office in Glasgow on 0141 370 4037.

We can arrange for one of our drone pilots to speak to you directly to discuss your requirements and answer any questions and queries that you may have.