Building Structural Inspection & Repairs highlighted by our thermal imaging UAV

Earlier in the summer, we were called by a customer of Balmore who have two large warehouses and office buildings in the outskirts of East Kilbride. We have worked with them in the past on various cleaning services through our Balmore Contracting division. But on this occasion, they wanted us to conduct an inspection of their warehouse and office buildings structure and roofing.

This was because in recent times, they have noticed a number of new cracks and damp patches and were concerned that the buildings were in need of significant repair.

We conducted an aerial inspection of the warehouses using one of our specialist commercial UAV drones. It conducted video and photography surveys as well as thermal imaging of the roof and building structure, specifically areas that the customer had asked us to pay close attention to.

We produced our report that showed firstly that the roof was indeed vulnerable to water penetration. It was actually this leak that had allowed a crack in the stonework to develop.

Through our report, the client commissioned us through our sister division Balmore Specialist Contracts to provide roofing and building maintenance work to repair the problems.

While nobody ever wants to have to deal with the expense of these kind of issues, by using our thermal imaging, we managed to spot an issue that if left unattended, would have proved to be a far more costly repair.

It is why UAV thermal imaging building and roofing inspections are becoming so popular. They are a cost effective way to check in detail what condition your building and roof are before the REAL problems begin.

If you would like to know more about our thermal imaging UAV services, please contact out Glasgow head office today.