Our M210 Aerial Drone now has a ballistic parachute fitted

Exciting new at Balmore Aerial Services.  Our DJI M210 Aerial Drone that we use for just some of the following:

Power Line Inspection
Wind Turbine Farm Inspection
Search & Rescue
Bridge Inspection
Precision Agriculture
Solar Panel Inspections
Telecom Inspections
Construction Site Mapping
Offshore Rig Inspection


has now been fitted with a ballistic parachute.  You may be wondering what this may help with.

It now means that we can fly our drones in  more safe environment over crowds of people etc with far reduced risk of damage to the drone itself and of course more importantly, the the crowds below.


Our DJI M210 Aerial Drone has been one of the more popular drones in our UAV fleet and is constantly being called upon for a variety of aerial inspection and surveys services.  Equipped with thermal imaging cameras, this specific drone has proven invaluable to Balmore both for our range of aerial services and for our sister company Balmore Specialist Contracts who specialise in roofing and building maintenance.  They have been able to call on Balmore Aerial Services when they need a survey conducted on roofs and building repairs before they actually send anyone up using rope access, scaffolding etc.


If you would like to know more about our range of drones and what they are used for, please contact our head office in Glasgow where we would be happy to talk you through the exciting capabilities of our drone fleet.