Drone Surveys can be a powerful solution to conducting cooling tower and chimney inspections without the need for shutting down operations

Faster, more detailed and more powerful drone surveys that can provide real cost savings and minimise operational downtime

With our Cooling tower drone inspections and chimney survey services, we use the latest high tech aerial drones piloted by professionally trained and qualified drone pilots to provide you with detailed aerial surveys of production facility cooling towers and factory chimneys.

factory cooling tower and chimney drone survey

Drone surveys of these production services facilities can prove invaluable to spot potential defects, structural issues or similar that a chimney or cooling tower may have. Spotting issues early can cut both the cost of repairs AND the time it takes to repair them. With maintenance and repair work being able to be scheduled into an existing program rather than having to shut everything down at short notice.

With our drone survey services, we can provide inspection surveys of industrial chimney and cooling towers without the need for costly scaffolding and rope access services. Our survey can be conducted in the time frame of one day compared to scaffolding access with can take days to simply erect.

With our aerial drone services you can reduce the requirement for personnel to be placed in dangerous locations whilst obtaining detailed surveys from aerial drones equipped with the latest in video and imaging software.
Software so powerful that it is a multiple award winning feather in our cap.

Drone surveys are the future of the inspection industry. They are faster, more detailed, safer and cheaper than conventional inspection methods and all the data can be archived and used in direct comparisons to future inspections allowing clear and precise ‘overlay’ inspection that is ideal for monitoring potential issues to determine if they are getting worse or not.

Based in Glasgow and covering all of Scotland and the North of England, we are one of the leading drone survey providers in the country. To find out more about our cooling tower/chimney inspection services, please contact our head office in Glasgow by calling 0141 370 4037 or emailing info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

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