Cooling Tower Surveys and Chimney Inspections with video and photography taken from previously impossible angles is now easily done thanks to advanced aerial drones equipped with the latest in 4K HD video and photography capturing technology, thermal imaging and surveying equipment.

At Balmore Media, our fleet of aerial drones are fully equipped to provide aerial images and video for Cooling Tower Surveys that covers the external surfacing of towers and chimney structures.

Our aerial drone inspection pilots are fully trained and qualified for advanced aerial drone surveys and inspections across England, Wales and Scotland; and with years of experience in cooling tower inspections, we can provide detailed surveys on the condition of concrete structure points, brickwork, lightening conductors, protective coatings and other points of interest that are usually required for cooling tower inspections.

With our aerial drones, we offer a significant saving in costs over traditional methods of inspection whilst improving on personnel safety. Our aerial inspections do not require scaffolding points or trained rope access personnel and surveys can be take in a reduced timeframe.

At Balmore Media, we are incredibly proud of our commitment to consistently invest in the latest drone technology. In a field that has seen such incredibly growth, the technology and capabilities of aerial drones is advancing at lightning speeds. Our commitment to offering our customers the very best and latest in drone survey and inspection services means we invest heavily in the latest drone equipment and ensure that our aerial drone pilots are regularly receiving training so that we can maintain our position as a leading survey and inspection service for utility inspections including cooling towers.

If you would like to know more about our aerial drone survey and inspection services, specifically our Cooling Tower Surveys, please contact our head office in Glasgow by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing