Using aerial drones to conduce structural inspections is becoming a more popular method of survey than conventional methods. Both faster and safer than current methods, the use of UAVs can offer significant cost savings whilst reducing the risk to human life while working at height.

The use of commercial aerial drones means there is no need for scaffolding and rope access specialists. All structural inspection work is carried out by our professional drone pilots who are fully qualified with hundreds of flight hours under their belt.

We can provide 4K HD resolution video and images whilst also being able to offer thermal imaging on sites where this is advantageous.

With our fleet of drones based in our facility in Glasgow, we can provide structural survey services across Scotland and England. All our drones are cutting edge commercial grade drones packed with the latest in video capturing technology.
We even have collision proof drones that can be used in tight areas that humans would struggle to access.

If you would like to know more about how aerial drones can improve your structural survey services, please contact our Glasgow office today on 0141 370 4037