A UAV Thermal Roof Scan can provide a fast, cost saving and more detailed inspection of a roof that can spot issues before the naked eye and save you considerably on early detection and repairs.

We are Balmore and we are an Award Winning Inspection Service. Based in Glasgow and covering all of Scotland and the North of England. We have built a name as one of the top aerial inspection companies in the UK by offering a quality service with qualified pilots, professional service and powerful results.

Our thermal roof scans are just one of our more popular services as more and more customers come to us looking to take advantage of a cost effective roofing inspection method that has multiple clear benefits over traditional roofing inspections.

Our thermal roof scans can spot issues with:

  • commercial roofing
  • historic buildings
  • churches
  • factories
  • office buildings
  • residential property
  • high rise apartments and block of flats

All of our video and photography is backed up by our thermal imaging work with can be accessed through our powerful cloud based software.

Thermal Scans for roofing inspection has quickly transformed the market. They are cheaper than costly rope access inspection teams, scaffolding and Cherry Pickers. They are safer and they can operate in the same weather conditions. The data is more accurate and through GPS positioning, we can provide archive comparisons over a set timeframe so that you can see what damage, issues and problems you may have with your roofing.

If you would like to know more about Thermal Imaging, our roof scans and our drone roof survey services, please contact our Glasgow Head Office by calling 0141 370 4037 or by emailing info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

Thermal Imaging is not just limited to roofing. It can be used for complete building inspections.