Why Drone Inspection are the future!

The word drone was once only used in movies and the US Air Force. It means that so many people think that a drone or UAV is simply a fighter jet with wings, a big engine but no pilot. In fact an aerial drone used for commercial purposes is so different from that. With multiple rotary blades, a commercial drone like the ones we use in our fleet are effectively a cage or platform with some mini helicopter styles propeller blades. Some of our drones have four, others have six or more. It really depends on what we type of drone inspection service that we are covering. But these mini engines effectively lift a platform that we can fit almost anything to. Now for inspection and survey services, that most commonly means that we fit cameras and video recording equipment to our drones. But drones can now be used for high access spray painting, crop fertilising and so much more.

As with all good technology, drones are replacing specific tasks and services that were either dangerous, hazardous or costly (or all three). So rather than having to send a specialist building surveyor up to the top of a building to inspect a potential crack, we can now send up an aerial drone to conduct the same inspection. The photography, video and thermal imaging data taken from this inspection can then be reviewed by the specialist who can then get a second opinion. That data can be stored and reviewed whenever they need to and can even be back to back compared to future data. Our drones, in this situation, can actually follow the exact GPS plotted route for a direct comparison with the same angles and altitudes achieved as last time. And all of this is done without the costly expense of scaffolding or a safety team and can be done in a thirty minute window rather than a day plus.

If your business requires inspection and survey services then you need to understand – drones are not just the future – they are the present. They are here and now and they are changing the way that so many industries are operating.

To find out what we can do with drones and how they can help your business, please contact our Glasgow head office on 0141 370 4037 today.