With our fleet of commercial grade UAV Drones we can provide HD Video and Image Capturing for all manner or services

With aerial video and photography, imagine a smooth bird’s eye’ view of your latest rock-climbing trip, your big public event, your wedding, your country’s stunning scenery, or perhaps your city’s skyline? Now imagine you have high-definition photography and video of all of that experience in the palm of your hand to do with as you wish. Having a unique and breathtaking angle on an event that means so much to you is invaluable, and that’s what Balmore Aerial Media have available to you.


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Our dedicated team of aerial drone media experts exist to capture the big picture of your important experiences as well as the smallest of details. We use high-definition 4K cameras on our drones which really bring the whole experience to life on-screen and in print, allowing you to look back on the event as if you were still there in the moment. Not only can you look back and see every little thing that made the experience or visuals so great, you can also give your family, friends, colleagues, clients, customers, and more, the clear and unique perspective on whatever it is you want us to capture.

Whether it’s property development, historical buildings, adventure sport, wildlife, promotional events, or remote locations; we come recommended for aerial photography and video every time. This is because we do our very best to bring you the best aerial media service in Scotland using the very best qualified drone UAV pilots at the most competitive price you can find online. Aerial video and photography should be accessible and affordable for anyone who needs aerial drone hire.


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Balmore Aerial Media believe this wholeheartedly and work to make this a reality.

Aerial photography and video are what our specialists do best and they simply can’t wait to work on their next aerial media project with you. Speak to one of our dedicated team members based in Glasgow today to discuss what type of aerial media service would suit you by giving us a call at 0141-944-6100; you can also send us a secure email at info@balmore-ltd.co.uk

We always look forward to speaking with you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Glasgow Aerial Drone Team.


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